Technical solutions for fashion since 1970

Since 1970 we manufacture pocket ironing machines, snaps applicators and other equipment for the clothing industry with a large range of products able to meet any request: from jeans to knitwear, passing through handmade shirts and men’s clothing.

The experience gained throughout these years has allowed us to establish strong partnerships with many companies that require reliable equipment for a higher final quality with shorter manufacturing time. 

We offer a large range of models that can be delivered in a very short time, thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes us and that allows us to find also customised solutions for any request. 

Our experience gave birth to all the steam ironing machines that offer a higher quality, which can be applied to any fabric, even the most innovative ones.

Our personnel ensure a constant technical assistance even in cooperation with our retailers in Italy and abroad. 

We invite you to periodically visit our website, to find out all the news that will be published, in order to download our catalogues and not to miss the monthly promotion.

Enjoy it!

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